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Local Attractions

Many visitors are aware that New Bern has a long and special history dating back to its founding in 1710 and serving as the original capitol of North Carolina, but vacationing here is not limited to history alone:
         A. Historical Attractions:
                    1. Tryon Palace and Gardens -  step back in time to an authentic
                     restoration of the original Governor's residence. The
                     meticulously reconstructed gardens are lovely to stroll
                     through, as well as additional historic buildings and structures.
                    2. Fireman's Museum - See how New Bern protected it's
                    treasures from fire.  Original hook and ladder engines and
                    many photographs chronicle this important community service.
                    3. New Bern Academy - Built between 1806 & 1810 as the
                    successor to the town's first academy, which was built on the
                    same site in 1766 and destroyed by fire during the 1790's.  It
                    was in continous use until 1972.  In 1764, the colonial
                    legislature ratied a bill authorizing the construction of a school
                    building here. This was the first in North Carolina
                    to be established by law.
          B. Golfing in The Greater New Bern Area:
                    The Emerald
                    River Bend Country Club
                    Fairfield Harbor Golf Club
          C. Beaches: Area Beaces are within a short ride
                    1. Fort Macon Park - located on the Atlantic Ocean at The
                    Beaufort Inlet, the park boasts beautiful ocean frontage,
                    jetty  fishing and a restored Civil War earth walled fort.
                    2. Atlantic Beach - white sands, life guards and beach shops
                    and attractions.